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In the past few decades our lives have expanded, towns exploded with new businesses, new prospects and new ideas of life. The economy is growing, and we are living throughout one of the best times ever but with it we are in an era of super high housing prices. Most houses are made of stone or bricks, the colour of the stones may vary just as the way we carry out our lives. Each home is different, but ours. Home where we would spend our precious time with our loved ones, is our dream come true, our book club space, our little slice of heaven on earth!

We live in a very crowded, loud and chaotic environment, constantly in a rush. Appointments, Meetings, School runs, work, work and more work. What is the first thing you think about when you are done with your busy day, when the children have been picked p and all the shopping is done? You want to go home! Your beautiful, hard-earned home! But you can’t relax, you can’t enjoy the rest of the day because your home isn’t as tidy and clean as you would love it to be.

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London is one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world. Its history spans centuries, and thousands of tourists descend upon its streets annually in order to experience all that it has to offer. Few places in the world can boast such an astonishing array of architecture both ancient and modern, not just coexisting, but actually somehow enhancing each other. The heady mix of the cities yesterdays, literally sharing streets with the ever taller and more magnificent buildings of the current day can be mesmerising.

It is also loud. Very, very loud. Oh, and expensive too as you are no doubt well aware. If you are fortunate enough to own a property within the streets of London, or indeed its surrounding boroughs, you accept the noise and bustle as a part of the package. We humans however occasionally require some quiet time, some tranquillity to escape the fast pace of city life. For that of course we have our gardens. They range greatly in size and shape, but they share a common cause. A well kept, well maintained garden is an oasis. Weather permitting of course, it is a place to entertain, to eat, to enjoy a glass of wine or a quiet cup of tea. It is our safe space.

Irrespective of its size, your garden is also an intrinsic part of the value of your property. Whilst  buyers will always consider potential, a well maintained, clean and beautiful outdoor space will have far more impact. Such a space is a pleasure to relax in, but is also a protection of the investment that is your home.

The bad news of course is that such a space requires a great deal of work. Nature tends to take over if left to its own devices, and suddenly your oasis becomes a place of negative energy. All of the benefits as mentioned are turned on their head, and said oasis becomes an unruly jungle. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to carry out the maintenance required to avoid this scenario.

This is where Clean All Crew can help you. We have several years of experience, and a team who are absolutely passionate about the upkeep of beautiful outdoor spaces. We can carry out all required maintenance, guaranteeing you a space to enjoy and be proud of. We will discuss the bespoke needs of your garden and schedule ongoing visits as required.

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